Church History

The Church of Christ, Scientist was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879. Today, it has a Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts, with branches in over 65 countries, of which the church in Cheltenham is one.

The first Christian Science services in the British Isles were held in London in 1890. In Cheltenham, the first record of formal gatherings was in 1905. By 1909 public services were being held at No. 3 Cambray, where a public Reading Room was also opened. To accommodate further growth, in 1923 a property in Bayshill Road was extended and remodelled for use as a church and Sunday School. Then in 1967 this building was demolished and the modern church building one can see today was constructed on the same site.

(The teachings and practice of Christian Science have no connection whatsoever with those of Scientology which originated some 75 years later)

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